Community Liaison Officer

Community Liaison Officer Duties and Responsibilities

- Conduct community analysis studies regarding age, gender, socioeconomic, education, employment, etc

- Serve as a Point of Contact between the local community and the FMC

- Implementing the stakeholder’s engagement plan of the Benban Solar Park

- Hold local Community Meetings to connect the local community with the project

- Manage Community Public Relations

- Receive, follow up, solve and analyze community grievances

Community Liaison Officer Skills and Qualifications

Community liaisons have a passion for helping others and speaking with groups. Necessary having minimum of two years’ experience on conducting community outreach and coordination. The following skills are essential to getting the job done:

- Community relation management – knowledge of a local community’s needs and the ability to interview others to get needed information are essential qualities.

- Conflict resolution – community liaisons are often responsible for identifying the root cause of disputes and using negation tactics to encourage resolution.

- Public speaking – community liaisons need strong public speaking skills to present at public and private meetings.

- Marketing – promotional skills are essential for community liaisons to effectively share their organization’s message with a local community.

- Interpersonal skills – a critical duty of community liaisons is building trusting and effective partnerships to facilitate engagement and outreach. To do this, she/he must be able to quickly relate with many different types of people.

- Administrative skills – it is common for community liaisons to perform general administrative duties as assigned.

- Excellent knowledge of English language.

- Writing skills – creating documentation and written reports is common for community liaisons.

- Previous experience in the community research.

- Females are preferred for the position.


It is necessary for a labor compliance officer of having bachelor’s degrees in sociology, political science or social work, or any relevant field.

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