Labor Compliance Officer

Labor Compliance Officer Duties and Responsibilities

- Implement the HR initiatives and systems

- Implement company HR policies and procedures

- Be actively involved in recruitment process

- Implement effective onsite HR plans

- Conduct workers training and development programs

- Assist in performance management processes

- Support the management of disciplinary issues

- Maintain employee records (attendance, EEO data etc.) according to policy and legal requirements

- Review employment and working conditions to ensure legal compliance

- Deliver the required legal documentation to the legal entities as required

- Ensure the implementation of the Grievance management plan

- Receive the labors complaints and concerns and record them in a database.

- Resolve complaints and concerns as appropriate.

- Follow up with complaint owners to ensure complaint resolution is advancing in a timely manner and using a fair process.

- Update complaint information in the database regularly.

- Ensures that the grievance mechanism is transparent, culturally appropriate, and clearly communicated with workers.

- Responsible for overall management and integrity of the grievance/complaint system (i.e., receipt, examining, recording, tracking, resolving, reporting, and analysis).

- Accountable for the overall performance in managing complaint feedback during the grievance management process.

Labor Compliance Skills and Qualifications

- Well Knowledge of the Egyptian labor law and International HR standards.

- Well Knowledge of the governmental manpower authority requirements and procedures.

- Knowledge of the basic elements of the grievance management plan.

- Interpersonal skills – a critical duty of labor compliance officer is building trusting and effective partnerships to facilitate engagement and outreach. To do this, should be able to quickly relate with many different types of people

- Public speaking – labor compliance needs excellent communication skills and strong public speaking skills to present at public and private meetings. He or she shall have the ability to convince and lead others.

- Mastery of computer skills sufficient to maintain a database of the complaints, and prepare reports and presentation of results

- Administrative skills – it is common for labor compliance officer to perform general administrative duties as assigned.

- Excellent knowledge of English language.

- Writing skills – creating documentation and written reports is common for labor compliance officer.

- Females are preferred for the position.


- It is necessary for a labor compliance officer of having bachelor’s degrees in sociology, political science or social work, or any relevant field.

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