Facilities Management

Site Facilities Management is provided by Health and Safety Home for Investment (, a leading Egyptian provider of property management services and site logistical services. The Facilities Manager is responsible for the following:


Technical Services

Non-Technical Services

  • Site security management including guard force and security technology
  • Traffic management on site
  • Maintenance of common roads network
  • Water supply and wastewater disposal
  • Collection and disposal or recycling of non-hazardous and hazardous waste
  • Ad-hoc logistical support and supplies to Developers and Contractors
  • Establishment and management of site medical and emergency services
  • Coordination among Developers
  • Documentation of site standards and guidance on environmental, health, safety and labour compliance
  • Helping Developers, Contractors, sub-Contractors, Suppliers, etc for compliance with site standards
  • Liaison with international development financing institutions on compliance with international standards
  • Management of community relations and communication
  • Helping Developers in management of their employment needs
  • Establishment and management of Project complaints channels
  • Establishment and management of Project internet website