Although strong guidance is provided on giving preference to hiring and contracting locally, especially Aswani staff and companies, Developers and their Contractors are entitled to follow their own procurement strategies and to contract directly with whomever they choose.


The Facilities Manager and will procure logistics services from the open market on an on-going basis. All contracts in excess of EGP 100,000 per Project or per year wil generallyl be put out to tender. Tenders will be published via emails or the project facebook page and tender documents can be collected at Health and Safety Home for Investment’s site office. All tenders will be evaluated on technical and commercial basis, and additional points will be awarded for Aswani companies.


all competitive tender documents can be collected from the Company Office in the Park


If you are an agent please register your company with the project procurement office in our administration building in the park
or email or call.

Click here to register company