If you are a general labourer, technician or driver it may be preferable for you to apply through a manning agent (shirkit tawreed 3emala).
For more specialised positions or higher education applicants please apply by email to or call.

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Available Jobs

Labor Compliance Officer

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Applications close on Dec. 20, 2021


Community Liaison Officer

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Applications close on Dec. 20, 2021

Labour Standard

During construction the Benban Solar Park will employ thousands of Egyptians. Strong preference is given to employment of local workforce, especially from the villages immediately neighbouring the Project, as well as the wider Governorate of Aswan. Strict employment practices are observed on site which grants workers certain rights, and imposes on them obligations.



  • Safe workplace & proper protective clothing
  • Stringent heat stress management
  • A break and light meal during the work shift
  • Cool, potable water at all times on site
  • Easy access to toilet facilities
  • Free access to medical & emergency services
  • Free access to the Project complaints service
  • Be provided safe transport to and from site
  • Decent accommodation if not hired locally
  • To be of legal working age
  • Provide statutory employment paperwork
  • To be socially insured before entering site
  • Attend induction training
  • Carry site security pass at all times on site
  • Observe health, safety, environment and community rules at all times